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Article: Making candles at home - how to make a candle in a mold?

הכנת נרות בבית - איך להכין נר בתבנית? - שיאננדה

Making candles at home - how to make a candle in a mold?

Making standing candles:

Making candles at home is an excellent hobby, most people like candles in dishes and jars, but an unlimited number like candles in shapes, we note in advance that making candles in silicone molds requires a little more skill than candles in cups, but once you get the hang of it, it will become easy.

Choosing the wax and wick:

As you must have already read in our post about choosing the right wax for you, we have 3 types of wax for candles in silicone molds : C200, S400 and SP600, if you haven't read the article about them yet, click here , same as for the wicks, click here for the article on the subject .

Preparing the mold and the fuse:

This step is an important step because it will affect the whole candle later:
1. Cleaning the mold from dirt, it is important to make sure that the mold is clean but not to clean it with liquids before preparation only after preparation with alcohol.
2. Most of the patterns come without a hole for the wick - a hole in the pattern is required where you want to insert the wick:

3. Inserting the wick correctly - center it with a special tool and make sure that the wick stands straight inside the mold:
4. Stretching the fuse down and gluing it to the lower part that will not move while pouring:

Making the candles:

Now that the mold is ready to work, we can start preparing the raw materials, we have prepared a simple guide that explains in an excellent way how to make candles, 2 main differences between candles in jars and candles in molds are:
1. Pouring temperature - the pouring temperature of candles in molds should be higher around 70-75 degrees.
2. Fragrance percentage - in order to keep the candle hard, we recommend not adding more than 5% fragrance oil.
  • Another emphasis: when pouring the wax into the mold try to avoid pouring in the area of ​​the sides of the mold, pour in the center of the candle slowly.

For basic preparation instructions for making candles, click here

Second pour:

Sometimes, in relatively large candles, a pit forms that needs to be filled at the bottom of the candle, there is no way to deal with this because part of the uniqueness of wax for silicone molds is that it shrinks, therefore if a second pouring is required - completely legitimate! We recommend cutting the wick at the bottom of the candle already before the second pour so that the candle will go out when it reaches its bottom.


It is important to let the candle dry and harden, we recommend letting it rest at room temperature for 1-3 days depending on the size of the candle, there are also those who say you can put it in the refrigerator but we are in favor of the natural process because a candle needs to dry gradually.
After the drying process, gently remove the candle from the mold and cut the wick to about half a cm.
Good luck with your preparations
Xiananda team
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