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Article: How do you make scented candles? A basic guide for beginners

איך מכינים נרות ריחניים? מדריך בסיסי למתחילים - שיאננדה

How do you make scented candles? A basic guide for beginners

Making candles has become a very popular trend in the world and in Israel, as a result an entire industry of natural and ecological raw materials for making candles at home in a simple, efficient and cheap way has started.
In this guide, we will go over the basic steps in making scented candles at home, so that you can already order your favorite scents today and make your own candles, whether with it for leisure and family fun or whether you want to take it one step further and turn it into a business, Shayananda team With you all the way.
So what do you need to make candles? On a large scale, raw materials and preparation equipment, and on a small scale:

Equipment for making candles , basic things for beginners:

1. Weight - not mandatory but very helpful to make the process accurate, to calculate the relationship between the wax, the color and the smell.
2. Temperature gauge - also not mandatory but highly recommended, with its help you will know when to add the color, when the smell and when to pour into the jar, parameters we will expand on in posts for advanced students.
3. The melting pot - whether you plan to make the candles using the Ben Mary method, or whether you want to heat them in the microwave easily (all of our wax can be heated in the microwave), you will need a vessel to melt the wax in.

Raw materials for making candles :

1. Wax - we strongly recommend you to read the post we wrote about choosing the wax you want to work with.
2. Fuses - again, we strongly recommend reading the post about working with fuses.
3. Fragrance oil - Fragrance oils are a world in its own right and each one has its own taste, although it is impossible to smell them through the computer, but we guarantee that they are all excellent.
4. Vessels to pour the candles into, it can be any glass, crockery or jar.

The preparation process:

Simple and basic steps for making candles for beginners.

Preparing the jars:

Place the jars on a wooden surface (preferred but not required) stick the wicks to the jars with the stickers and center them using the wooden sticks with the hole in the middle.

Making the candles:


Heating half a kilogram of wax in the microwave until it becomes a liquid, take out, mix and check the temperature (it is important to see that you do not heat too much and do not exceed 80 degrees because this can damage the wax), if you need to reheat, heat for about 10 seconds each time, mix and check the temperature until you reach to 70-75 degrees.

Ben Mary:

Place the melting pot in a pot with a little water, heat and wait for the wax to become liquid, mix and measure the temperature until you reach the desired temperature and remove the melting pot from the water pot.

Adding color and smell:

Add half of the color bag (1.5 grams +/-) and mix for a minute (at a temperature of 75-80 degrees).
Add half a bottle to a bottle of fragrance oil (5%-10%) at a temperature of 60-65 degrees, mix gently for 3 minutes and pour into jars at 55 degrees.
Repeat the process with the remaining half kg.
Let the candles rest for at least two hours without moving them in order to reach a nice and smooth top surface.


Avoid pouring too much fragrance oil (adding up to 10% is enough)
For an optimal scent, let the candle rest for at least one to two weeks before lighting it for the first time.
When lighting the candle for the first time, wait for a complete pool of wax oil that reaches the sides of the jar before extinguishing it.
Leave a wick half a centimeter long, if necessary after multiple ignitions shorten the wick to half a centimeter again.
Will you live? The easiest is to simply order our candle making kit at a great price.
Good luck with your preparations!
Xiananda team

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