Strong soy wax JustWax SP500 ready to use, for candles in utensils.

42.00 ש"ח 45.00 ש"ח

Wax for professionals.
A strong wax with a very high scent distribution that includes a little paraffin which strengthens the candle and increases the spread of the scent, excellent for deliveries and stands in the open air.
Dedicated and high-quality soy wax for making candles in containers, ready to use, the wax includes natural additives to strengthen the distribution of the smell, and improve the visibility and quality of the candle, you can add up to 12% perfume, but 6% is completely enough.

Free home delivery on orders over NIS 450.
User manual:
1. Heating the wax to 70 degrees (no more).
2. Adding scent and color at a temperature of 65-70 degrees and gentle mixing for at least three minutes.
3. Pouring at a temperature of 55-60 degrees.

*Mass temperature 54 degrees.
*Can be heated in the microwave: heating until it becomes a liquid and then in 10 second intervals and checking the temperature after each heating until the correct temperature is reached (preferably not to heat too much as it can damage the wax).

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שעוות סויה חזקה JustWax SP500 מוכנה לשימוש, לנרות בכלים.

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