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Shananda - the connection between the body and the mind

Shananda is our great cosmic adventure, our thanksgiving for the purity of body and mind
We believe that we are all connected, to each other and to the wonderful universe of which we are a part.

"Holding a piece of land, without destroying it, is the most beautiful work of art that anyone would want for themselves."

Andy Warhol.

The origin of the name Shyanna is the combination of the words "Shea" and "Ananda".

Shea is a wonderful nut that comes from the shea trees that grow in West Africa, they make butter from it that is widely used in the world of natural cosmetics thanks to its many virtues.
The shea butter is rich in fats that provide daily care, nourishment and protection to the skin of the face and body, for all skin types, at any age. The shea butter soothes, softens and gives the skin fats that have been lost.

The word "Ananda" originates from Buddhism, in the ancient Sanskrit language, it means supreme bliss, the perfect state we all strive to be in, the little moments that fall into our laps
Every once in a while and for them we bless, those small moments that are worth living for.

We founded Shayananda out of wanting to contribute back to this world and giving to the people we love in it, a desire to combine the healing properties of the wonderful raw materials that nature gave us with a world
The colors and aromas, to combine the ancient medical cultures with the hectic pace of the modern world, where everything moves in fast motion and happens here and now.

Our factory has been producing for over 20 years, products from the world of care and fragrances, which are sent to all six continents, and are produced from fine and natural raw materials: wonderful straight shea butter
From Africa, salts and minerals from the Dead Sea, pure Israeli olive oil, medicinal plants, exotic spices and much more.

All our products are manufactured in Israel, in our factory, so we can guarantee you, not only the highest quality products, but also the knowledge that a lot of love has been invested in each product
And a thought: in the design, in the fragrances and in you - what will put a smile on your face and make your day much better.

We invite you to go on a journey with us among our products and fragrances and choose your favorites.

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body care

Shayananda's care products are based on carefully selected quality ingredients that have many properties for the body.
Among the ingredients you can find the powerful shea butter, pure olive oil, coconut butter, cocoa seed oil and more.

Bath salts and peeling

Salts and myrales from the Dead Sea give our products many therapeutic properties for the restoration of the skin, plus high-quality essential oils.
Our bath products are the perfect addition to your bath routine.

Home fragrances

The products that will make your home fragrant, pleasant and relaxing, a wide variety of rich and strong fragrances, suitable for every room, at home and in the office.