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High-quality eco wicks for candles by the meter

Sale price19.00 ש"ח

The diameter of the candle:
wicks lenght: :
Eco wicks from the German company Wedo wicks.
Choosing the right fuse is very important.

When choosing a wick you should consider things such as: the type of wax, the diameter of the jar and the height of the candle.
But before all this it is important to make sure that the fuse is of high quality.
A high-quality wick suitable for a candle will light continuously and not flicker, will not emit black smoke during burning, will not leave wax on the sides of the vessel, will not need to be shortened, and most importantly will disperse the scent in the air in an optimal way.
Therefore, like our wax, we are not ready to take it lightly when choosing the right wick.
So all that's left for you is to measure the diameter of your jar / mold and choose the appropriate fuse.

To purchase iron coasters for connecting to the fuse, click here

*The wicks are also suitable for blends that contain butters / paraffin.
*The wicks are also suitable for standing / cast candles.

An indication of the size of the fuse that you can start working with:
Eco 0.2 - for candles up to 2.5 cm in diameter
Eco 0.5 - for candles up to 4 cm in diameter
Eco 1 - for another 5.5 cm diameter candle
Eco 2 - for candles up to 6 cm in diameter
Eco 4 - for candles up to 6.5 cm in diameter
Eco 6 - for candles up to 7 cm in diameter
Eco 8 - for candles up to 7.25 cm in diameter
Eco 10 - for candles up to 7.5 cm in diameter
Eco 12 - for candles up to a diameter of 7.75 cm
Eco 14 - for candles up to 8 cm in diameter
Eco 16 - for candles up to 8.5 cm in diameter
High-quality eco wicks for candles by the meter
High-quality eco wicks for candles by the meter Sale price19.00 ש"ח

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