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Article: The candles don't come out perfect? We are here to help

הנרות לא יוצאים מושלמים? אנחנו כאן לעזור

The candles don't come out perfect? We are here to help

Various problems in making candles:

Making candles is a simple and fun thing, but reaching a very high level of finish sometimes requires a little more effort and understanding, so if you have made candles and encountered problems, we are here to help, in this guide we will try to put into words all the problems we encounter when making candles, starting with:

Most of the problems that arise in making candles are caused by the same reasons, so in this guide we will not list every problem that exists, but we will give important highlights with which we hope we will be able to help.
It is important to understand that vegetable waxes are a natural, organic material and therefore we have to face the challenges they bring.
In short, most of the problems that arise are related to our working temperature (pouring temperature, jar temperature, and room temperature), and it is also important to understand that all the temperatures we work with are related to each other, therefore there is no winning recipe, and it is mainly trial and error and understanding, the main emphasis is that It needs to cool slowly, it is important that the temperature of the jar be as close as possible to the temperature of pouring the wax, whether it is heating the jar or pouring at a lower temperature (as close as possible to the melting temperature), the room temperature is a very important factor as well, the solidification process of the candle is an important process and takes several days, it is important that during this time the candle rests, without extreme temperature changes, with spaces between candles and not adjacent to each other, and without trying to speed up the process, we recommend letting the candle rest for at least a full week before touching it, and two weeks Three before lighting, in order to get an optimal scent release.

Additional and critical highlights for the process:

  • Mixing the wax gently - mixing the wax aggressively may cause air bubbles to enter and also accelerates the frosting process which creates white dots on the top layer, therefore, don't be lazy and try to finish quickly, mix the wax gently for a few minutes.
  • Heating the wax - it is advisable not to heat the wax above 85 degrees, as we mentioned before, it is an organic material and it can damage its composition and damage the quality of the candle.
  • The work surface - the surface on which you prepare the candles greatly affects the way the candle cools, because many surfaces, such as marble for example, have a very high heat conductivity and thus cause the candle to cool much faster at the bottom than at the sides, which causes cracks and other problems, therefore It is recommended to work on surfaces with low heat conductivity such as wood.

Hope we were able to help
Xiananda team

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