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Article: Fragrance essences for candles - how to get the most out of them?

תמציות ריח לנרות - איך להפיק את המירב מהם?

Fragrance essences for candles - how to get the most out of them?

Good scent distribution is probably the most important parameter in making candles.

At the end of the day, all we ask from our candle is that it spread full of scent and fill the space, and that is not an impossible task! On the contrary, with a few small highlights you can understand how to get the most out of scent essences for candles :

Highlights for maximum scent distribution:

  • There are many schools of thought regarding the temperature of the wax while adding the scent, but we can say unequivocally that although the process takes longer, adding the scent to the wax at a temperature of 85 degrees is the optimal temperature, because at this temperature, the scent connects to the wax in the best way, just put Note that you do not exceed 90 degrees, otherwise the wax can be damaged and the smell can evaporate.
  • Mixing the scent with the wax - here it is important not to be lazy, gentle and long mixing is the solution, after adding the scent it is important to gently mix the mixture of wax and scent for at least 2 minutes, then, right before pouring into the jar, it is important to mix again a little, in order to create uniformity in the liquid .
  • Working with weight - it is important to understand that this means adding 8% scent, the meaning is that for every 100 grams of wax we add 8 grams of scent, for example, we heated 500 grams of wax, we will add 500*0.08=40 grams of scent.
  • Let the candle rest for two weeks, we know it's tempting to light it but during this time the scent will connect strongly to the wax and that way the candle will spread more scent.
  • Adding a higher scent % will not solve the scent distribution problem you have.
  • The size of the candle - of course after all the highlights it is important to remember that the bigger the candle it will smell more, thanks to the large pool of wax it creates and the thick wick it will have.

So good luck
Xiananda team

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