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Article: The benefits of shea butter for dry and tired skin

הסגולות שיש בחמאת השיאה לעור יבש ועייף - שיאננדה

The benefits of shea butter for dry and tired skin

The benefits of shea butter for dry and tired skin

Shea nut is a multi-virulent fruit from a tree called Vitalia that grows in Africa. The fruits of this tree have many medicinal and cosmetic properties and for this reason shea butter is produced from them, which is a natural butter for dry skin that has many benefits for the skin of the face. In this article we will review the benefits of shea butter and what Shananda's shea butter can do for your facial skin.

Natural body butter for dry skin

Shea butter gives the skin and vitality to the skin of the face and in general to the skin of the body, which makes it especially attractive for those with dry facial skin. Shea butter contains a relatively high fat content, which prevents the skin from drying out and keeps it moist for a long time. Shea butter is also great for cases of extreme dryness in which cuts and roughness occur in the skin: even very dry skin absorbs the butter easily and it nourishes it and prevents dryness.

Shea butter is good for babies

The benefits of shea butter are not only relevant for those with dry skin, but also for babies mainly because it is completely natural and does not contain chemicals and artificial substances. Shea butter soothes the baby's skin and relieves diaper rash, so it is recommended to apply it after removing the diaper as well as after the bath. In addition, shea butter is also suitable for the treatment of eczema in babies and children.

Suitable for the treatment of stretch marks

Shea butter has the ability to significantly reduce and even prevent stretch marks caused by weight loss or gain as well as after pregnancy. The reason stretch marks form is because the skin is stretched beyond its capacity, and shea butter helps restore the skin's elasticity and improves collagen production.

Natural butter for treating skin infections

Shea butter has anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a great ingredient against acne , dermatitis as well as sunburns, cuts and scratches. Shea butter contains a fatty acid called cinnamic acid, which makes it anti-inflammatory.

Delays skin aging

There is nothing wrong with aging, but many of us would like to delay skin aging a little and keep our skin of life shiny, moist and vital. This is exactly what shea butter does: shea butter contains components that accelerate the production of collagen in the body, which is the protein in the skin that keeps it looking young. Shea butter contains vitamin A and E that nourish the skin and keep it looking fresh and smooth. In fact, daily use of shea butter for the face prevents the appearance of wrinkles at an early age and delays the aging of the skin.

How is shea butter used?

Put the desired amount of shea butter in your hands and soften it in a circular motion between your palms until the butter melts. Then apply it on the desired areas of the body and face and let the butter absorb for several minutes deep into the skin.

The butter changes a little between summer and winter - while in the summer it is relatively soft, in the winter it is harder and more solid. It can be melted by hand or using another natural heat source.

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